Comments about…..

-Just want to say a BIG thank-you for the very fine work you did on my PRS. You have solved all the problems beautifully!
I've owned the guitar for 18 months but this is the first time that I really hear what it can do.
You da man!
/ Peter Kennedy

-Dear Tyko, Amazing, this guitar! I have been playing it for hours today.
Can’t put it down. I have never enjoyed a guitar so much. This one
feels like it was made just for me. And that feeling
is priceless. / Brett Davidsson

-An extremly resonant guitar with full tone. I don´t
think I ever tried another guitar with so less weight
and anyway so strong, full and balanced sound. Just to congratulate
to avery fine work! / Mikael Anjou

-To all of you who may thinking about to buy a mandolin,
octave mandola or other stringed instrument I would tell
you to seriously concider a Runesson instrument.
The Runesson octave mandola I have easy beats up all other
mandolas I ever tried. That includs Michael Kelly, Breedlove,
Levin, Fylde, Moon, Fender and many more. / Calle

– The brown RL99 from Runessonguitars is definately the nicest
guitar i ever tried! Unbeliveble fat sounding and amazingly
loud! No Martin or Gibson I ever tried have given me such a
feeling.You are very good Tyko, and the colour of the guitar is
totally in my taste! / Johan “Bottle neck John” Eliasson

– Such a wonderful sounding bass!! / Per

-Incredible how much sound you can get from a guitar…..
already after just 5 minutes of playing I´m telling you:
Unbeatable!!! Uncredible such a guitar! / Lasse

– So much sound from such a small guitar, it sounds wondeful! / Linus

-I can´t understand how he manage it… is so
amazing sound and such attack when you need that. / Lasse

– Wow such a Mandola…Tyko Runesson have totally suceed in satisfy
all my wishes and also made them better than I ever dreamt about!
It is an amazing beautyful instrument! Then the sound, so warm and clean,
full in the whole register. I am more than satisfied!! / Calle

– Today I`ve tried the most easy playable, beautyful and perfect
sounding instrument I ever had in my arms. Such a fantastic work!
Even if my guitar will be just half as good as the Mandola
I would be very happy!! / Lasse

-The guitar have very clear and full sound with nice overtones
that gives it a good pregnancy! / Eva – musican/actor

-Thousand millions of thanks!!! Such a wonderful guitar…..
it was like melt together with my fingers in just 5 seconds!
And God, such a beuty it is too…. / Lasse

Some of the musicians that plays Runesson instruments:

Andreas Aase

Anna Walder

Bengt Davidsson

Lovis Jacobsson

Jonas Straumann

Renato Rosic

Ueli Stampfli

Thomas Keller

Jürg Nietlispass

Christian Berger 

Thomas Sonderegger  

Christoph Greuter 

Ursina Kappenberger

August Rex 

Mattias Peréz 

Oskar Reuter 

Martin Bauder 

Simon Nyberg  

Jan Levander

Pål Stefan Brekke

Jürg Nietlispach 

Christoph Gossweiler

Pär Kunze

BG Augustini

Rico Punzi   

Claudio Marrari  

Lova Ganholt   

Hampus Grönberg

Dieter Ringli

Carl-Henrik Jonsson   

Dieter Ringli   

Magnus Lübeck  

André Bussman  

Christoph Dietwiller  

Jonas Jonsson  

Phillipe Kamm  

Ottmar Wildhaber  

Nancy Aberle

Thomas Sonderegger

Johannes Wennrich

Lova Ganholt

Mathias Pap

Michiel van Gulpen

Stephan Matthai

Werni Durrer

Martin Dettwiler

Thomas Fessler

Frank Ziegler

Brett Davidson

Gabi Swiatkowska & Gregg Weiss

Per Blomgren

Sven Paulsson

Marcus Wallberg

Bobby Vacant

Jean-Didier Vander Vorst

Dan-Erik Westerlind

Anders Sjölin

Christian Svanfeldt

Olle Ström