The latest custom order build for Oskar Reuter now arrived to its new home. Build with slightly fanned frets, detachable neck and fretboard extension for easier travel. Swiss alpine spruce, Swiss flamed ash, Swiss flamed maple and Swiss plumwood.

The 9-stringed violin is now ready to be played, welcome to the workshop to try it out. Five strings to play and four sympathy strings that gives a nice ambience to the sound. All Swiss woods, NO endangered woods (like f.e ebony). Spirit varnish and all glued up with hot hide glue.

In the workshop right now, building two cittern for two fine musicians in Switzerland.

About a year ago I finished this guitar for Jonas Jansson who had a lot of special wishes as the most of my customers in fact has. The guitar has several removable quarter tone frets from my own design. It also features an extended fretboard for the deepest tuned strings, several pin point capos and a double pick up systems in form of K&K trinity and Fishman rare earth. All swiss woods, all glued up with hot hide glue. Hand applied brushed on spirit varnish


25/5 2020
Been building on a five stringed fiddle with four resonans strings. Here I put up some pics from the building process. The last pics shows it in the middle of the varnishing steps. Now I am just waiting for one tuning peg to arrive and then I will take some more pics.

Two new electric guitar just finished. All swiss wood, hot hide glue and spirit varnish antique. Very light, resonant and dynamic. Welcome to my workshop to try them out.

No:101 delivered to Jürg Nietlispach. Swiss Walnut, Swiss alpine spruce, Swiss maple and Swiss plumwood - all glued up with hot hide glue and varnished with hand brushed spirit varnish.

Some weeks ago I delivered my guitar no:100.
It is a custom order from Christian Berger and I didn´t have to come up with something special to celebrate the anniversary because the order itself was special enough. Ten strings, fanned frets, two necks, tuning from c and down to a double bass E..... :)
All built with Swiss wood with hot hide glue and brushed on spirit varnish.

30/1-2020 I am very happy and proud to launch my new homepage. Hope you will enjoy it!